Communication and community engagement is critical in CCUSD.  According to the National School Public Relations Association, public relations "needs to be in the public's interest. It needs to be grounded in solid two-way communication techniques and used as a vehicle to build trust, confidence and support for doing the best for all children in our schools." NSPRA CCUSD firmly believes that our school system and schools have a public responsibility to tell parents and taxpayers how the schools and District are spending their money, and seeking their insight on helping the school district deliver high quality and an efficient educational program. We believe the public has a right to know and be engaged in their schools. Parents and community members are welcome in our schools and are urged to take an active role in the educational process of all the children. Many opportunities are offered to enable all interested parties to become involved in activities and committees such as: Superintendent Committees, Parent Teacher Organizations and the Community Engagement Committee to name a few. Please help us to make CCUSD the BEST place to be!

How We Communicate

In order to provide timely information to our internal and external stakeholders, CCUSD communicates using the following methods:

  • A monthly Enewsletter, News From the Creek, is distributed to all employees, parents, business and community leaders and Government officials.
  • Community Phone Messaging system - Emergency communication and timely information is sent out by phone to all employees, families and community members.
  • Website - the CCUSD website is updated daily and includes district and school information and teacher web pages.
  • Superintendent's Monthly webletter - Each month the Superintendent writes a message to the community on a timely topic.
  • Superintendent's Monthly vodcast.
  • Facebook (www.facebook.com/CaveCreekUSD); Twitter (@cavecreekusd93); and Instagram (@cavecreekusd93).
  • Monthly Superintendent Coffees.
  • Monthly Community School Tours.
  • Business Partner Luncheon and Forum.