Superintendent's Monthly Vodcasts



June Vodcast 2016 Script
Hello--I am Debbi Burdick, the very proud superintendent of the Cave Creek Unified School District. 
This school year, my vodcasts have highlighted a school or department per month.  This month's featured department is Special Education.  The director of our Special Education Department is Ms. Janet Holt.

In CCUSD, we have high expectations for ALL students and know that with the proper support, along with hard work and encouragement, all of our students can learn and progress.  The CCUSD Special Education Department prides itself on challenging yet growing our students with special needs.  We push appropriately but maintain supports so as not to frustrate.  We continue to adjust our programming so as to continue to meet the unique needs of our special education students.  Some of our programs are:

  • Developmental Preschool-early education for our 3-5 year olds.
  • Response to Intervention or RTI-interventions in the general education classroom to assist students experiencing difficulty.
  • PALS or Program for Academic and Language Success-a cross-categorical self-contained program for K-5, 6-8.
  • PLC or Positive Learning Center-a self-contained setting to serve students with needs in social and emotional functioning.
  • Resource-a cross curriculum program providing a continuum of services in the general education classroom or a resource room based on a student's needs.
  • Full Inclusion-services provided in a supported, heterogeneous and age-appropriate general education classroom with team-taught content classes.
  • Self-contained I and Self-contained II for grades 9-12 to provide students learning in academics, socialization, communication, vocational and daily living skills.
  • Adult Transition for 18-22 year olds to achieve graduation requirements and transition from school to the "real world."
  • Transition from School to Work or TSW is an optional school-to-work initiative for students with disabilities during their last 18 months of education.

Other supports include Assistive Technology, Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Counselor/Therapist services, Hearing Impaired/Vision Impaired services, Adapted Physical Education and services by School Psychologists.

If you believe your child (including a preschooler) may have a physical mental or emotional disability, please confer initially with your local school principal or the Special Education Department. 

For more information, please contact Director Janet Holt at 480-575-2009.  The Special Education Department is located at 33016 N. 60th St., Scottsdale, AZ 85266.

Thanks for listening and have a restful, safe, FUN summer!