Superintendent's Monthly Letters




Dr. Debbi C. Burdick 

June, 2016

Dear Parents, Community and CCUSD Staff,

May 19, 2016, at 7:00 pm, the well-prepared Cactus Shadows High School Class of 2016 walked across the stage at their commencement ceremony in the Grand Canyon University Arena.  Here is the Class of 2016, By the Numbers:

  • The Falcon Class of 2016 has 396 graduates.  Three of them are from our CS eLearning Program along with 11 early graduates.
  • One hundred forty-nine of our graduates have been with us from kindergarten.
  • We had 191 female grads and 205 males. 
  • Their combined GPA is 3.29 on a weighted scale with the highest at 4.86!
  • They have had 10,973 days absent as a group-averaging 7 days absent per student per year over the four years.
  • The class of 2016 only had 686 discipline referrals, averaging only 1.7 per student.
  • Two hundred and seven students had NO discipline referrals in the four years! 
  • Twenty-six seniors participated in the Superintendent's Challenge and accrued 6090 hours of community service between them in the past four years.
  • Nine seniors received a varsity letter or pin for community service for having over 200 hours in the 14-15 school year!
  • Three hundred and twenty-six or 76% of the Class of 2016 passed ALL three AIMS tests-Reading, Math and Writing-- the first time they took it as sophomores.
  • Three hundred and forty-nine are going onto college and 14 to the military to serve our country. One is going to an apprenticeship and 33 move onto Career Education. Eleven students will move onto the world of work.
  • This class has been awarded $10,751,888 in scholarships (to date) with 324 total scholarships. This averages $26,892 per graduate.  One student, Greg Burgess, received a $500,000 scholarship and will be attending  the United States Naval Academy-Annapolis--WOW!
  • Fourteen of our student athletes have signed letters of intent.
  • This class had 347 paid parking passes-86% of the students driving to school.
  • And as far as programs, the Class of 2016 should be very ready for college and starting college with credits: 15 students were in the International Baccalaureate Program; 22 were in Early College-- taking a total of 246 PVCC classes; 130 seniors took 166 PVCC Dual Enrollment courses; 866 AP classes were taken along with 2623 Honors classes over the four years. And, 860 students took a CTE or Career and Technical Education Class over their four years.
  • On average, our seniors spent $919 on Prom, according to Visa Inc., and an average of $324 on the promposal.

CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 2016-we are proud of you!

Have a fun, safe summer!


Debbi Burdick, Ed.D.