Superintendent's Monthly Vodcasts



Hello, I am Debbi Burdick, the very Proud Superintendent of the Cave Creek Unified School District.


With the 2014-15 school year successfully completed,  I am thrilled to offer congratulations and praise to the 480 students who participated in the Superintendent's Challenge. These students performed community service throughout the school year and we laud them for their giving spirit.

At the Elementary Schools, students are required to perform 15 hours of community service.  The 5th grade had 25 participants with 545 hours; the

6th grade  had 99 students serving 1709 hours for a total of  124 students volunteering for 2254 hours.

HTES had the most students participating with 94-5th & 6th graders participating for a total of 1468 hours- Go Stallions! You have set the bar high for next year's elementary students.

At Sonoran Trails Middle School, students must complete 25 hours of service. Sixteen 7th grade students accumulated 519 hours and 29-8th graders volunteered 1,413 hours for a total of 1932 hours.

At Cactus Shadows High School, students must complete 50 hours of service. Sixteen-9th graders accumulated 1299 hours with 2 earning varsity letters for over 200 community service hours in the school year. Twenty-five 10th graders had 3156 hours of participation with 2 students awarded Varsity letters.

In 11th grade, 14 students had 1651 hours of service with 5 earning Varsity letters.

26 Senior Falcons had 3906.69 hours and earned 10 Varsity letters.

Altogether, our altruistic Falcons volunteered a total of  10,013 hours, earning 19 varsity letters. Falcon Awesome.

What is the Grand Total for all participants grades 5 through 12? 14,199 hours of community service!

Former Golden Age actress and Humanitarian, Audrey Hepburn once said, "As you grow older, you'll discover that you have 2 hands-1 for helping yourself-the other for helping others."

Thank you budding humanitarians for using both hands and their hearts as they help others.


Have a safe summer.