Superintendent's Monthly Letters



Dr. Debbi C. Burdick 
June, 2015

Dear CCUSD Staff, Parents and Community,

This past month, Cactus Shadows High School proudly graduated fine and accomplished young men & women. Here is the Falcon Class of 2015, by the numbers:

•   The Falcon Class of 2015 has 398 graduates. Twenty-two of them are from our CS eLearning Program.

•   One hundred fifty-four of those graduates have been with us from kindergarten.

•   We have 196 female grads and 202 males.

•   Their combined GPA is 3.29 on a weighted scale - the highest is at 4.86!

•   Two students have had PERFECT ATTENDANCE from since kindergarten: Dusty Berthold & Alex Bodiroga - congratulations.

•   They have actually had 10,821days absent as a group-averaging 7 days absent per student per year over the four years.

•   Two Hundred fourteen Class of 2015 students never had a referral in their four years!

•   Thirty-four seniors participated in the Superintendent's Challenge and accrued 8959.44 hours of community service between them in the past three years.

•   Eight seniors received a varsity letter for community service with over 200 hours in the 14-15 school year!

•   Their average AIMS scores are impressive: 95% for reading; 92% for writing and 84% for math.

•   And, 338 students in this class-81%--passed AIMS the first time as sophomores.

•   Three hundred fifty-two students are going onto college and 8 to the military to serve our country. 1 is going to an apprenticeship and 2 move onto Career Education.

•   Twenty-one students will move onto the world of work.

•   They have been awarded over $12 million in scholarships to date with 344 total scholarships. This averages $30,975 per graduate.

•   Thirteen of our student athletes have signed letters of intent.

•   This class had 340 parking passes.

•   And as far as programs, 21 students were in the IB program, 35 were in Early College, 166 students took AP classes, 277 took Honors classes. And, 354 took a CTE or Career and Technical Education Class.

Congratulations Cactus Shadows Class of 2015-we are proud of you!


Debbi Burdick, Ed.D.