Superintendent's Monthly Letters



Dr. Debbi C. Burdick 
June, 2014

June, 2014

Dear CCUSD Staff, Parents and Community,

On May 22nd, Cactus Shadows High School graduated 419 fine young men and women. These outstanding graduates are Generation Z or Millennials, born after 1990, and our most wired generation in history. These digital natives are constantly connected and always multitasking- never knowing a world without the Internet, cell phones or iPods. They crave constant and immediate feedback and appear to prefer texting to talking. They have also grown up in a world shaped by 9-11, Columbine and the War on Terror. Subsequently, they have a strong sense of social justice, philanthropy and maturity, having experienced one of the worst recessions in our history.

To personalize our 2014 graduating Falcons, By the Numbers:

• The Class of 2014 had 419 graduates- 14 of them were from our CS eLearning

Program--with 210 female grads and 209 males

• 147 of those graduates had been with us from kindergarten.

• Their combined GPA was 3.29 on a weighted scale.

• Zero had perfect attendance in high school with one graduate, Jason Behymer, coming closest with only one absence.

• They had 12,063 days absent as a group-averaging 3.3 days absent per student per year over the four years.

• They were a well-behaved group with 691 discipline referrals over 4 years, averaging only 1.6 per student. 205 students never had a referral in the four years.

• 17 seniors participated in the Superintendent's Challenge and accrued 3053.75 hours of community service between them over the past two years.

• Their average AIMS scores were 92% in reading; 88% in writing and 80% in math.

• 324 students in this class-77%--passed AIMS the first time as sophomores.

• 358 are going onto college-33 out of state--and 21 to the military to serve our country. Two are onto apprentice programs and 14 move onto other career paths such as culinary and cosmetology or design.

• They have been awarded $8,800,000 in scholarships with 437 total scholarships. This averages $19,093 per graduate.

• 8 of our student athletes have signed letters of intent.

• This class had 385 parking passes.

• And on average, they spent $1139 on Prom (up $39 from last year).



Debbi Burdick, Ed.D.