Letter from Dr. Burdick  


For the 2013-14 School year, Cave Creek Unified School District converted four elementary schools to district-sponsored charter schools. The additional money received for the conversion was used to fill the hole left from the K-3 override and M&O override (approximately 3.4 million dollars) that were not approved by the voters.

CCUSD has learned that late last night, the State Budget shifted to eliminate all District Charters totally. This would be a 3.4 million dollar cut for us. CCUSD is urging the community, parents, teachers, staff, constituents and stakeholders to contact your state representatives AND the governor. The representatives for Cave Creek Unified School District are: District 1: Senator Steve Pierce (spierce@azleg.gov), Representatives Karen Fann (kfann@azleg.gov), and Noel Campbell (ncampbell@azleg.gov) District 15: Senator Nancy Barto (nbarto@azleg.gov), Representatives John Allen (jallen@azleg.gov) and Heather Carter (hcarter@azleg.gov) District 23: Senator John Kavanagh (jkavanagh@azleg.gov) , Representatives Jay Lawrence (jlawrence@azleg.gov) and Michelle Ugenti ( . You can send Governor Ducey an email by clicking on this link: http://azgovernor.gov/governor/form/contact-governor-ducey 



Students effectively listen and speak in situations that serve different purposes and involve a

variety of audiences.

ESSENTIALS (Grades 4-8)

Students know and are able to do all of the above and the following:

LS-E1. Prepare and deliver an organized speech and effectively convey the message

through verbal and nonverbal communications with a specific audience

LS-E2. Prepare and deliver an oral report in a content area and effectively convey the

information through verbal and nonverbal communications with a specific audience

LS-E3. Interpret and respond to questions and evaluate responses both as interviewer and


LS-E4. Predict, clarify, analyze and critique a speaker's information and point of view