In the event of an emergency, vital information will be posted below. Be sure to use your browser's "refresh" or "reload" option each time you visit this page to be sure you are viewing the most up-to-date information.


A Parent's Guide:  “Emergency Planning:  A Guide for Parents in the Cave Creek Unified School District”

In the event of an emergency where your child would need to be relocated to your school's reunification site, CCUSD has a reunification procedure that your principal communicates to all parents.  The following video will explain the process.  Please contact your school administration for further information.


Emergency Preparedness Information from Red Cross on Foods, Earthquakes, Fire, Tornado, Hurricanes...




Committed to Safety  

Dear Parents and friends,

Please know that we take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the students and staff in our schools.  Each school and site within the District has crisis management guidelines and a comprehensive plan designed to inform staff and students of what to do in the event of a crisis. Teams would be mobilized in the event of an emergency to assist in providing information and assistance to the students, staff, families and communities.  Fire drill and lockdown drills are practiced regularly at each site to ensure that routines and safety precautions are well established and familiar to all. The plans are based on the State of Arizona School Effectiveness School Safety and Security Plans

In the event of a school or District emergency, parents will be notified in the following ways:

•   Automated telephone  system
•   Email notification system
•   Special parent advisory sent home with students from the school/District.

Also, in order to be fully prepared, we need your help.  It is very important that your child’s school office receive current contact numbers (home, work, and cell) in case of an early dismissal or emergency situation.  You can update your information very easily by filling out the Student Change of Data Form.  As always, up-to-the-minute information will be posted in the event of an emergency on the Cave Creek Unified School District website http://ccusd93.org, CCUSD Twitter Twitter.com/CaveCreek USD93. CCUSD also has an emergency hotline that is updated as information comes in.  That number is 480-575-2001 and is a recorded message only phone number.Please make it a priority to update your contact information.  Our “Emergency Planning:  A Guide for Parents in the Cave Creek Unified School District” is a helpful resource for parents as it contains useful information regarding our District’s emergency plans.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s health and safety, please contact your school principal as we have a dedicated team of professionals (nurses, psychologists, counselors…) ready and willing to assist you.  You may also contact Gina Durbin, Director of Student Support Services at gdurbin@ccusd93.org or 480-575-2026 should you have any further questions or concerns. 


Dealing with Crisis

The aftermath of any crisis continues long after the immediate event is over. Parents and teachers must work together to help students cope with a number of issues simultaneously. Below are some resources that provide information about some of these challenges. Click on the links for further information.

Our counselors tell us that all adults-parents, teachers, and administrators-who are working with students must also take care of themselves. Here are some tips our counselors have given us:

  • Read about stress and human responses to stress. Understand that what you are feeling is normal.
  • Give yourself time to regain your perspective.
  • Join with other community members to help victims.
  • Talk about your feelings with friends and family. Seek comfort.
  • Call a professional if you are feeling strong reactions.

If you have questions about your child or about your school's safety and support responses, please contact your principal. Everyone in CCUSD® continues to work to make all our schools safe and secure environments for all our students.