Sunday, June 25, 2017

For those of you that love apps, here a few great math ones that are free!

Number Line: You are given fractions, decimals, and percentages. The goal is to put them in order from least to greatest before the time runs out.

Tanzen lite: A game that uses tangrams.  The goal is to figure out where each shape goes.

Factor Samuri: A game much like fruit ninja, but the goal is to cut every number that is not prime into it's factors.

My Math App: A flash card app. Choose the number of questions, the digits and the time. A good way to practice facts.

Rocket Math: Build a rocket by completing  math problems and send your rocket to space!


Big Ideas Math
Here is a link to the text book. Check your compatability next to the url address if the site is not working. The box should be grey, not green. Click on students, click on the home edition, click on the book, and then the table of contents should come up.
Brain Bashers
A collection of brain teasers, puzzles and games.
Explains and shows examples of algebra. An excellent resource.
Cool Math for Kids
A fun site with practice problems and math games.
Figure This! Math Challenges
This is a fun site that has about 20 questions to make you think! Challenge yourself with one today.
A good site to practice basic skills. There are four different levels, so you can challenge yourself.
This site breaks down what each grade level needs to learn. It allows students to do 10 problems a day without a subscription.
Khan Academy
Not only does this site have practice problems, it will give hints and show videos. A GREAT tool!