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Welcome! Please sign the guestbook.
Great job on the site! Can you link the scholastic online book orders to your website?
Great stuff!!! Thanks for all you do Smiley
I Love it! You are a very special part of our children's lives. Thank you, I look forward to more pictures & information.
I love the slide show it was cool your amazing.
I love your webpage.I like the dancing pencil.love you!!
Ms. Mette ROCKS!
[quote="Ashley Kuretich"]I love the slide show it was cool your amazing Smileyquote]
I love all the things that you have done for your page, your the best teacher EVER!!!!
Ms Mette is so cool. she is the best teacher in the world. that is so cool how christifer has 100 cars I bet there everywhere.
I love your website Ms.Mette! Your my favorite teacher I've ever had!
You are my Teacher and I want to thank you for everything that makes
the students in your classroom understand how important just one person
can be to your life. You help us through our toughest times and always say
" It is going to be okay ". You rock for that!!!
Hey Ms Mette I love the photo album!
Congrats on completing the marathon.
all thosoes things you have there is cool and awsome nice things.
Ms Mette you really are a great and I love being in your class.
I like the new blog stuff.
You are the best teacher ever!!!!
I hope you have fun on chistipher's feidtrip
You are the best teacher ever.Im really glad that i got you again in fourth grade.The blog things are really cool.You rock.
Ms Mette I love what you have done on the web.i think you should put picturesof you and Christopher oo there.O r you can put more pictures of us doing what we are doing in class.My mom says you are the best teacher because I learn fast all because your help. Thank you Ms Mette for teaching such good stuff andfor helping us every time we need help.
Hi Ms. Mette you are the best teacher ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wonder what next weeks blog is because they are very cool.
I hope you are my 5th grade teacher.
you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!
Your the best teacher ever!!!!!! Smiley
hi ms. mette i like the photo albam and i like the sombles that you shoeds us love jessica sanchez bye!
hi mrs. mette u r very cool. u r the nicest teacher ever. I love the book city of ember.:] :] :]
Hi ms. mette u r cool
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